Polo Resources Limited (formerly listed on AIM) invests in natural resources globally and across sectors in Asia Pacific.

We select, acquire and manage investments in businesses and assets with strong value enhancement potential and attractive growth prospects, to deliver value-adding returns to our shareholders.

The experienced management team that guides our strategic decisions specialises in the identification of investment opportunities - both listed and unlisted - that are either under-valued or have latent value that has yet to be realised or at an early stage in their operational development.

Investment targets in the natural resource sector primarily fit into the category of companies with producing assets and/or reserves and resources that have been verified using internationally recognised reporting standards (such as NI 43-101).

Investment targets in the other sectors are confined to businesses and assets with at least the majority of their operations, or early stage companies that intend to have at least the majority of their operations, in Asia Pacific.

Well financed, strategically experienced and backed by a core portfolio in the gold, oil and gas, coal, copper, phosphate, iron and vanadium sectors - Polo Resources is well poised to continue its development, to build upon its performance and to make further timely investments in a selection of value-enhancing opportunities across geographical regions.

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